As part of my Artist in Residence with Moreland City Council in 2020, I was asked to develop some window displays for Coburg Library for the festive season. I worked with St Bernard’s Primary School Grade 1/2 students and St Paul’s Primary School Prep students, showing them art books from the library collection that featured angels and stars from different artistic and religious traditions, and illustrations of stained glass by Leonard French, who was from Brunswick. I worked with a local design and print business to scale up the designs, and convert the children’s drawings into re-usable transparent decals for the windows at the library, as temporary ‘stained glass’ windows. The white outlines meant the design could be seen at night, from outside the dark library, as white line drawings. Thanks to Moreland City Council Arts and Culture and Places and Major Projects teams, Coburg Library staff,  Kwik Copy Coburg, and St Paul’s and St Bernard’s teachers and kids!

Stained glass style decals, based on drawings by St Paul’s Primary School Prep students 2020.