A children’s activity responding to historic photographs, as part of my Creative Workers in Schools project, through Regional Arts Victoria, working with children at Chewton and Elphinstone Primary Schools on hand-tinting historic photographs. I explained how photographs were coloured  prior to colour photography, and the children used copic alcohol markers to hand-tint photocopies of images from school archives and other collections.

Argus Flat, Forest Creek (Chewton), looking towards the south-east, the Mount Alexander Hotel on far right, 1858. Richard Daintree,  photographer. George Alexander Gilbert colourist, with additional colouring by a grade 5/6 student at Chewton PS (feature image also).

These images are based on a photograph of Chewton Primary School classroom taken in 1916, from the school archives, hand tinted by Grade 3/4 students at the school.

Chewton Primary School Grade Prep/1 student hand tinting a 1950s class photo from the school archives.

Handtinted school photo, Chewton Primary School students c.1960s, from school archives.

Several grades at Chewton Primary School made their hand tinted images into paper lanterns.

The lanterns reference enamel lamps at Buda Historic Home by Dorothy Leviny.

The lanterns lit with LEDs, viewed inside the Chewton Primary School art storeroom.

The lantern form is based on a  State Library of Victoria craft blog post on making paper lanterns from historic photos.

Lanterns in progress

Below, lanterns on display as part of Kids Takeover Buda Historic Home