This exhibition/intervention was the culmination of my Creative Workers in School project, for Regional Arts Victoria, featuring art and commentary by the talented kids from Chewton and Elphinstone Primary Schools, based on the decorative arts at Buda, and local history, assisted by art teachers Kate Meade and Katie Mawson.

Plate designs by Chewton Primary School students and Ceramics by Elphinstone Primary School students, based on Chinese ceramics and the Willow pattern.

One of six exhibition text panels, with commentary  by children from Elphinstone Primary School.

Embroidered cushions by Grade 4-6 students, Chewton Primary School. Art teacher Kate Meade taught the children embroidery. The designs were inspired by Leviny sisters’ embroideries on display at Buda, and the children’s own interests.

Kitty Owens working on layout for exhibition installation, Buda November 2021. Photo Kate Meade.

Feature image: Boy at Buda by Elphinstone Primary School, based on the photograph Leviny Grandchildren and Friends with teddy bears at Buda c.1909

A video of the exhibition was created by Vivienne Hamilton from Buda Historic Home and Garden.