The postal exhibition (aka booklet) Turning Back to Edgar’s Creek has been distributed to households in Thomastown and Lalor, and has won the Keeping Victoria Beautiful award in the Sustainability, Heritage and Culture category. I was commissioned as a contract curator last year, to write the text and put together the content, by Gordon Johnston, the Manager of the wonderful Ziebell’s Farmhouse Museum and Garden in Thomastown. The project hopes to build interest in caring for and re-wilding the creek in this area. Thanks to all those that assisted with  information and illustrations. The exhibition is viewable online at Turning Back to Edgar’s Creek Postal Exhibition

The photo of the family by the creek in 1943 is by Ruby Pettit, supplied by Robert Wuchatsch, and the photos of  the local birds are by Paul Gleeson from the Friends of Edgars Creek, and Merri Creek Management Committee. Booklet design is by Leon Borrack.