I have been doing lots of walks around Coburg Lake Reserve and Edgars Creek parklands, picking up leaves now and then, and making small artworks that trace the history of planting in the area.

Leaf Stories

Cyanotypes featuring trees that originated in different eras at Coburg Lake Reserve.

Clockwise from top L:

  • Eucalypt –  c.1970s? The Pascoe Vale Field Naturalist Club advocated indigenous planting around this time
  • Willow – descendant trees from Pentridge Willow Plantation
  • Pine – oldest trees in the reserve,  planted to form a boundary after 1915
  • Poplar – from the Avenue of Honour planted in 1919, by families of Coburg men who died in WWII

Walking Merri Creek

Weaving of leaf litter and rubbish, from Coburg Lake Reserve and Edgars Creek parklands.

Inspired by the video clip Weave Your Walk by artist Blake Griffiths, from the AGNSW webpage  #TogetherInArt

Feature image: Wattle Pinch Pot, airdry clay